Valvitalia Group

An innovative supplier to the oil, gas, power and water industries.

VALVITALIA is an Italian manufacturer of valves and other energy equipment.

Italy, historically, has been the Country with the largest number of manufacturers in this field and it has always provided excellent engineering services.

Long experienced management, quality, performance, availability of large inventory and full dedication to the customer’s satisfaction differentiate VALVITALIA from the competition.

The Group can provide discrete products, complete packages and pre-assembled skids. All this accompanied by attractive financing packages

Pavia Plant

The plant has been operating since 2002 and it is equipped with advanced and impressive facilities such as:

  • a climate testing room which can offer hot and cold temperature (-50 deg C up to +80 deg C) testing of ball valves up to 48” class 600;
  • testing benches for valves up to 60”;
  • automatic sub-merged 2 heads weld machine for welding valves up to 60” and over 30 tons.


  • Side Entry Ball Valves from 2” up to 60”
  • Top Entry Ball Valves from 1/2” up to 60”
  • Fully Welded Ball Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Plug Valves
  • High Performance Butterfly Valves

Pavia Plant

Since 2004 Valvitalia Automation Division has been manufacturing all types of actuators. All the actuators are ATEX and PED certified .

Thanks to this product line, VALVITALIA Group is able to provide clients with the complete unit, composed of valve, actuator and control panel.


Gas Over Oil Actuators

Pneumatic Double Acting Actuators

Pneumatic Spring Return Actuators

Hydraulic Double Acting Actuators

Hydraulic Spring Return Actuators

Electric Actuators

Sub Sea Actuators

Control Panels

Hydraulic Power Units

Gear Operators


Fire proof Boxes

Padova Plant

Since 1965 VITAS has been manufacturing valves in accordance with API 6A, API 6D and API 600 std, in a range from 1/2” to 72” in all ratings and materials. Each valve is supported by a consolidated knowhow developed during many years of research. VITAS can design and manufacture “taylor made” valves in order to suit specific requirements thanks to a great flexibility.



Forged Gate, Globe and Check Valves from 1/2” up to 18”

Gate Valves from 2” up to 84”

Globe Valves from 2” up to 30”

Check Valves from 2” up to 80”

Expanding Gate Valves from 2” up to 48”

Cryogenic Valves from 2” up to 36”

Pressure Seal Valves from 2” up to 36”

Through Conduit Gate Valves from 2” up to 72”

Padova & Rivanazzano Plants

Our Control Valve Division, in operation since 2004, is specialized in the design and supply of a complete range of control valves to fulfil all of the process control applications including power stations, oil and gas distribution, chemical and petrochemical industries. The range of control valves has been extended to include both rotary and linear styles without limitations of use. Particular attention has also been paid to turbine by-pass processes where the PRDV patented design has successfully fulfilled severe applications in some important power stations.


  • Ball Control Valves
  • Globe Control Valves
  • Special Cage Control Valves
  • Globe Angle Style Valves
  • Three-way Control Valves
  • Steam Conditioning Control Valves
  • Double Eccentric Butterfly Control Valves

Suzhou Plant

Valvitalia China has been operating since 2007 and manufactures all type of valves with a special focus on the Down Stream application. All valves produced are engineered and quality controlled by Valvitalia S.p.A., in Italy.


Ball Valves

Plug Valves

Check Valves

Globe Valves

Gate Valves

Safety Relief Valves

Edmonton Plant

VALVITALIA CANADA Ltd. - With this new plant, which will work jointly with Valvitalia S.p.a. and Valvitalia Automation Division in Italy, the Group will give additional support to all of our North American Customers, to establish an even stronger local cooperation and maintain the high quality of the products that distinguish our Group from our competition. A center point for all of the Valvitalia Group products for our Canadian and American customers.


Gas Over Oil Actuators

Pneumatic Actuators

Hydraulic Actuators

Electric Actuators

Valvitalia-Broady brings to the Group an established range of Safety Relief Valves and a proven track record of supplying products to the Naval Defence market. The plant is located on the North Sea coast of East Yorkshire, UK and offers additional support to off-shore operators from UK and Norway. Trading since 1902 in a wide range of global industries, especially oil and gas, Valvitalia-Broady offers exceptional experience and knowledge to customers.


  • Safety Relief Valves
  • Relief Valves
  • Reducing Valves
  • Marine Valves
  • Hydrant Valves
  • Sustaining Valves

Valvitalia Fire Fighting Systems


Gas Systems

Water Systems

Foam Systems
Pouder Systems

Fire Fighting Equipment



Gas, Flame detection & Alarm

Rimseal Systems

Unit for High-Risk Protection


H2O Systems

Foam Systems

Water Mist Systems

Gas Estinguishing Systems

Co 200 IT Systems

Fire & Gas

Self contained solutions

Fire Fighting Equipment

Safety Equipment

Commissioning, Start-Up and After Sales Service