System Division RMS A/B/C Stations

Gas filtering, regulating, metering stations
and gas equipments.

Established in 1907, TGT-Tormene Gas Technology is a successful Company that for a hundred years has been dedicating its activity to the design and production of Natural Gas Treatment Equipment for industrial, civil and power generation applications, offering a variety of products to give a high degree of customisation and an extremely high standard of quality and service. Nowadays, TGT production capacity has been increased with an impressive new plant, Tecnoforge Systems Division, located in Piacenza where extensive manufacturing support is available. In 2010 TGT Division changes name into Valvitalia Systems Division.


      • Metal-to-Metal No Contact Ball Valves 

  • Pig Launching and Receiving Traps

  • Filters (KO Drum, Scrubber, Cartridge

    Vane Mist Extractor, Dual Stage)

  • Heating Systems ( Shell & Tube, Indirect

    Water Bath Heater, Electric Heater)

  • Gas Pressure Regulators from 1” to 12”

  • Safety Shut Off Valves from 1” to 12”

  • Pig Valves (top entry and side entry)

  • Insulating Joints

  • Skid Mounted Gas Filtering, Regulating

Vicenza Plant

Since 1965 VITAS has been manufacturing valves in accordance with API 6A, API 6D and API 600 std, in a range from 1/2” to 72” in all ratings and materials. Each valve is supported by a consolidated know- how developed during many years of research. VITAS can design and manufacture “taylor made” valves in order to suit specific requirements thanks to a great flexibility.


Forged Gate, Globe
and Check Valves from
1/2” up to 18”

Gate Valves from 2” up to 84”
Globe Valves from 2” up to 30”
Check Valves from 2” up to 80”
Expanding Gate Valves from 2” up to 48” Cryogenic Valves from 2” up to 36”
Pressure Seal Valves from 2” up to 36” Through Conduit Gate Valves

& Metering Stations Odorizing Units

Valvitalia Systems Division

Develop, Design, Build and Supply Stations covering all kind of appli cations, Size, Rating, and Flow-Rate.

The activity includes:

  • design
  • manufacturing
  • testing
  • on-site installation, commissioning, start up
  • post-sales service
  • maintenance personnel training
  • spare parts
  • operating instructions and
  • documentation

Valvitalia Systems Division


  • Industrial Stations
  • City Gates
  • District stations
  • Border Stations
  • M&R stations for Power Plants
  • Filtering Units
  • Heating Units
  • Odorizing Units
  • Remote control Units
  • Pig launchers and receivers
  • Service and Spares Parts

Filtering Units

Filters for solid and liquid particles

  • filtering efficiency up to 100% for particles 3 ÷ 50 microns
  • vertical and horizontal installation
  • design codes: ASME Sect. VIII Div. 1-2, “U” STAMP, PED
    • KO drum
    • Slug catcher
    • Gas scrubber (Cyclone, Vane mist, Multi-cyclone)
    • Cartridge
    • Dual stage filter separator

Heating Units

• Heating systems :
- Shell & tube (water or steam)
• vertical and horizontal installation
- Indirect water bath heater (Gas heater)
- Electric heaters
- Water pump skid with temperature control system
- Steam flow and temperature control system
- Design codes: ASME Sect. VIII Div. 1-2, “U” Stamp, PED

Regulating Units

• Gas pressure regulators
- pilot operated
- globe type and axial flow type
• fail to close
• fail to open
- size from 1” up to 12” – class ANSI 150-300-600-900
- in compliance with Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/CE, EN 334
- accuracy (AC class) up to 1%
- lock-up pressure (SZ class): 5%
- lock-up pressure zone (EN334 class): 5%
- main approvals: GdF, DIN/DVGW, Snam, Goststandards

Metering Units

• Metering system:
- Flow meter
• Turbine meter • RPD meter
• Ultrasonic meter • Orifice plate

• Flow computation and instruments
- Flow computer
• Gas Chromatograph • Calorimeter
• Density meter • Moisture analyser
• H2S analyser

- reference normative: AGA 3, AGA 7, AGA 8, AGA 9, ISO 5167, ISO 6974, ISO 6976, CENELEC, etc.

Condensate Tank

- Condensate collector Tank up to 20 m3
- CS or SS materials
- Accessories: condensate pump, SRV, instrumentation

Odorizing Units

• Pump Injection System
- Microprocessor Driven - Remote Control and Data
- Accurate Control of the Dosage Parameters

Launching and Receiving Traps

- Launching and receiving traps - Unidirectional or bi-directional type - Standard solution or suitable for intelligent pigs
- Quick opening closure clamp type or block-ring hinge type up to 64”
- Pig-Sig passage indicator - Pig handling facilities - Special barrel tees - Interlocking systems

K100 Supervisor

Electronic system to monitor and remotely
control all the units composing a filtering, heating,
regulating and metering stations.

Service and Spare Parts

The Quality of Technical Support Valvitalia Systems Division Quality is completed by the after sale assistance and a complete organisation which focus its own activity on care, technical support and spare part requests of the customer.


Valvitalia Systems Division Service organises courses aimed to the training of the customer and internal personnel. The training room is equipped with special devices used only for demonstrations in order to simulate all working conditions.

Original Spare Parts

In the service field, spare parts are a very significant matter: a specialised area taking care of all details becomes very important and gives to the customer the feeling of having a partner who helps him in his job.