Nuova Guingas Insulation Pipes

Nuova Guingas


U-seal is a unique engineered sealing gasket featuring a heavy-duty double-sided symmetrical configuration over the isolation ring. it delivers significantly higher tightness and Anti Explosive Decompression* performances compared to conventional O-ring seals. The system has proved top reliable performance over twenty years of service on missi on critical pi peline applications - up to API #10.000 class - and extreme service condition in highly corrosive and toxic fluids (high H2S and/or high C02 content).
*U-seal has a documented testing RGD compliance superior to NORSOK M-71 O and 150 23936-2 test requirements thanks to its specific engineered design filling its groove housing up to 98%.


  • Designed, manufactured and tested according to project specification.
  • ND range: 1/2" to 130".
  • Operating pressure up to 1.000 Bar.
  • Electrical resistance: ≥ 200Mohm (at 1 OOOV de in air).
  • Dielectric strenght test (ac 50Hz): up to 40KV.
  • Operating Temperature: up to 250°C.
  • Available with materials matching pipelines in carbon steel
    (up to grade APl5L-X100), austenitic stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, with inconel or incolloy internal cladding.
  • Application: Oil, Gas, Water pipelines.
  • Monolithic boltless construction.
  • Seal: U-shape ring (proprietary design).
  • O-ring free.