Aarding Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems

Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems Acoustical Components Dampers & Expansion Joints

Effective solutions for the Power and Petrochemical Industry worldwide. Design , Engineering, Manufacturing and Supply of Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems, Acoustical Components and Dampers & Expansion Joints

The current market environment is pushing the operational conditions of Industrial Gas Turbine systems to its limits. High cycling (high numbers of starts and stops) as well as high local flue gas velocities and temperatures are putting large stresses on the exhaust gas systems. Environmental regulations require stringent and lower noise levels on gas & steam turbine driven systems as well as on petrochemical applications.

Aarding Thermal Acoustics, part of Ceco Environment Group, with its headquarters in the Netherlands and supporting offices & partners worldwide (USA, Latin America, Eastern Europe/ Russia, Middle East and Asia). Based upon a proven track record Aarding Thermal Acoustics provides customized and turn-key solutions.

Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems

+ Diffusers, Plenum and Gas Turbine Exhaust ducts

+ Single cycle exhaust systems

+ Bypass Exhaust systems

+ Exhaust Stacks

+ Thermal Insulation

+ Boiler Internals

Acoustical Components

+ Vent silencers for steam and gas applications

+ In-line diffusers

+ Flue gas silencers

+ Commissioning silencers

Dampers & Expansion Joints

+ Diverters

+ Stack isolation dampers

+ Guillotine dampers

+ Louver dampers

+ Expansion joints

New as well as Upgrade / Retrofit systems are our specialty. Design and Engineering is realized in-house by our teams of experienced engineers specialized in mechanical, thermal and acoustical engineering dedicated for the Power and Petrochemical Market.

Manufacturing is realized worldwide, providing the most economical solution and optimal logistical project realization. All systems are manufactured according to strict quality levels and standards and manufacturing supervision and quality control is realized by experienced Aarding Inspectors.

1. Exhaust Diffuser / Exhaust Plenum

2. Exhaust Duct

3. Exhaust Bypass System

4. Silencer

5. Exhaust / HRSG Inlet Duct

6. HRSG Internal Insulation

7. Vent Silencer

8. Stack

9. Expansion Joint

10. Diverter Damper

11. Stack Damper

12. Guillotine Damper