Gen Grup is offerring wide range of services integrated services with its strategic partnerships in Turkey for energy projects;

Security Services

We got our start providing security and remote surveillance solutions to the Oil & Gas industry. There is simply nobody in our industry that knows more about Oil & Gas than us. The biggest names in O&G trust us, and so can you.

Stay Covered with Our Private Security & Surveillance Solutions

As pipeline construction in the petrochemical industry expands across the Turkey, the demand for security services grows as well. Our oil and gas security experts at GEN provide security for upstream, midstream, and downstream companies in the oil and gas industry.

Our services include:

  • Security
  • Remote monitoring
  • Gate guards
  • Pilot cars
  • Surveillance

Our company regularly provides security for midstream companies when they are laying new pipe, doing maintenance on pipe, or when there is a leak or oil spill. We also serve downstream companies, providing both on-site security and traffic control services, 24/7 if needed. Our services include security for pipeline, pipe yards, refineries, right of ways, and more.

GEN security is managed and staffed by experienced Turkish law enforcement officers.  Our passion and dedication to community service and protecting the public is at the heart of our business.


With well trained Gen technicians will take the responsibility for the complete facility management. To maintain the buildings in good operating condition, GEN renders various services from inspections, preventive maintenance, and repairs to the management of day-to-day operations.

Activities are e.g. the maintenance and operations in the field of Building Maintenance, HVAC, electrical networks, plumbing systems, fire & life safety systems, telecommunications and TV services, and CCTV.