Gen Group is an independent, competitive company that specialises in the trading and transportation of energy commodities around the world. The majority of our work today is focused on solid fuel trading, but we are also working on expanding our services to incorporate new forms of energy. Our trading desks work closely with our shipping division to offer our clients an efficient and affordable service every time. The shipping division, as well as providing valuable support for our trading operations, also offers its vessels for use by third-party companies for transporting products other than coal, such as cement and wheat.


We sell and transport carbon-based fuels all over the world, as well as working on various projects related to the sale of natural gas and biomass.

Our operations currently concentrate predominantly on the trading of steam coal, coking coal and met coke, with major investment made in the latter two. Throughout our history, we have also developed relationships with the leading producers of steam coal and with steelworks, fostering major commercial partnerships not only with oil refineries but also with the end users of petroleum coke and steam coal on a global scale.